Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (2023)

I love Richmond VA (aka RVA) and have taken many beautiful pictures of it over the last couple years. I want to share how I see the city and how much it’s become a part of the Doug Ash Photography story. Below is a compilation of everything that RVA means to me.

There’s a lot of photos and links of my own adventures as well as a few other cool things to do Richmond VA. With the intention being that this can be used a resource so you can explore the city as well.

These were mostly based on questions people have asked me so I’ll be updating this as more questions come along. Or even if they don’t, I’m sure I’ll come up with more things to add.

Please enjoy!

Where’s the best place to catch a sunrise?

Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (1)

My favorite spot is actually one of the easiest and quickest spots to get to. Right at start of the Lee Bridge/Belvidere St exit ramp there’s a wonderful overlook of the city. It’s definitely one of the more popular views of the city but it’s still worth checking out for yourself.

A lot of photographers use the train tracks as a leading line into the city, but you can also walk further down along the bridge to get more water in front of the city for a slightly different scene.

Interested in checking out more places to catch a Richmond VA sunrise, check out one of my other posts here.

How about sunset?

Libby Hill is definitely my favorite spot in the city for a sunset. And I feel like the majority of Richmond feels the same way.

Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (2)

It’s hard to beat such a great view. There’s a lot of space for tripods, proposals, engagement shoots, frisbee tossing, dog walking…you get the idea. Having a date night/picnic here also tops my ‘fun things to do in Richmond VA for couples’ list. More on that way below.

I typically like shooting on the walkway midway down Libby Hill, close to the bench. And also further up the walkway to the left so you can get a shot of the cobblestones acting as leading lines in the city.

If you have been to Libby Hill too many times to count or maybe it’s normally too crowded for your taste. I’ve compiled a few other spots to watch a great sunset in Richmond VA here.

Where’s a good spot to see the Richmond VA skyline?

Many of the same places mentioned for my sunrise & sunset spots, like Libby Hill or from the Lee Bridge. But there’s also the flood wall walking path near/under the Manchester Bridge. It offers an awesome perspective of the Richmond VA skyline but also is a great way to get out and about.

Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (3)

(Video) 4 Incredibly Exotic Places (Must Visit) in Virginia | XOTKS E06

You can start at the Tredager parking lot, use the T Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge to cross the James River then hop off that and go down the stairs at the Manchester Climbing wall. This little footpath takes you past the climbing wall and then up under the Manchester Bridge. Go left to the flood wall and beautiful views of the Richmond city skyline.

Right on that path will circle you back the way you came. But also gives you the chance to check out a nice overlook above the Manchester Climbing Wall. It’s cool being able to see everyone on the memorial bridge and how active the city can be.

What’s your favorite spot to capture fall leaves?

Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (4)

I feel like fall is fickle in Richmond. We wait and wait for it, then it shows up for a week and seemingly disappears. Maybe an exaggeration but I know you kinda feel the same way.

When it does finally hit, you can be certain I am out running around with one of my cameras.

I’d say my favorite spot to capture fall leaves in Richmond is on Monument Ave. I feel like that defines Richmond in the fall. And if the leaves are still there during the Richmond Marathon so it makes for an awesome racing experience as well.

What’s your favorite neighborhood to explore and take pictures?

This is a tough one. I currently live in Scott’s Addition and have been there the last couple years. So although it has a place in my heart and is super easy to take photos of. I often find myself venturing down Sheppard St in the Museum District.

So I think the Museum District takes the cake. Don’t get me wrong I love exploring down by the river and getting epic cityscape/landscape photos. I also enjoy focusing on fine details. Capturing scenes or items that you may walk by without thinking twice about it.

Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (5)

Whether it’s the lighting in an alleyway or the way wet brick looks after a storm. Museum District helps me cure that itch. It also looks really well covered in snow!

If I get out early enough to get the neighborhood before sunrise, I normally find myself at the VMFA watching the actual sunrise. That multi-use spot up top the hill with those fountains and little tables. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Thats the spot.

After stopping by the VMFA I may venture into The Fan for a few pics but don’t spend as much time there.

If you’re out and about in Scott’s Addition or the Museum District, keep an eye out for my sticker. That thing is all over the place there.

Where’s your favorite spot to watch fireworks in Richmond?

Easy answer would be somewhere down around the James River. Events like the fireworks at Dogwood Dell and the Richmond Squirrels games get a little too busy for me. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a lot of fun, but I normally find myself at odd spots to catch the shows. 2 years ago I caught Rocketts Landing fireworks from an overlook near Mayo Bridge. This year I wanted to go under the Nickel Bridge to catch the Dogwood Dell fireworks but didn’t end up making it. Maybe next year. I wrote about it a little more here: Fireworks in Richmond VA (And Some Epic Pictures)

Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (6)

(Video) Civil War Richmond Photography Extravaganza

What’s your favorite Richmond event?

As a runner I might be a little biased, but I love Dominion RiverRock and try to take pictures there every year as well as participate in at least one of their running events. Monument Ave 10k & the Richmond marathon/half in the fall are fun as well. Both to cover and participate in.

Concert or concert series are also worth mentioning here as well. Dominion RiverRock does typically have concerts each night kind of wrapping up the day of fun. But there’s also Friday Night Cheers, Music at Maymont, Innsbrook After Hours, Richmond Folk Festival, Richmond Jazz and Music Festival & many others.

Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (8)

There’s a bunch of other fun events but I’ll direct you to The Richmond Experience for that. Their Instagram page is updated almost daily with fun things going on. But more on that later.

Where can I go to watch lights at Christmas time?

You got a bunch of good places to check out. There’s the Dominion Energy GardenFest of Lights at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. There’s a Richmond based tacky light tour, use this guide for more info. But my favorite place to catch Richmond Christmas Lights is….you guessed it! Across the James on the floodwall. The whole Richmond city skyline lights up after the RVA Illuminates event kicks off the holiday season at Kanawaha Plaza. I took this image back in 2018 and it remains one of my best selling prints.

Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (9)

What are the best trails in Richmond VA for hiking/walking/running?

I love running Buttermilk Trail because it’s so green and you can go pretty fast if you start on the trail near Nickel Bridge. A lot of downhill. But Forest Hill Park Trail is my current go-to because of how short and intense the trail is. It’s only 3 miles but has a lot of ups and down. It’s a lot of fun.

Try to make your run/hike/exploring on a Sunday at Forest Hill Park so you can have the option to check out the South Of The James Farmer’s Market. An awesome open air market with a bunch of local goodies, open between 10am-1pm May – October.

Of course I can’t mention those two trails without mentioning North Bank Trail but I think I ran that too much after college, I prefer the other two at the moment.

I go more in depth about my favorite Richmond trails here: Best Trails In Richmond VA For Hiking.

How long have you been taking pictures in Richmond?

Overall I’ve been in the photography game since late 2009 during my college years in Norfolk, VA but I moved back up to the Richmond area in 2010. Although I didn’t actually live in the city, I would drive in town and meet up with a lot of running groups both on the roads and trails so I began to experience what RVA was all about then.

I didn’t actually focus on Richmond photography until I moved into Scott’s Addition in 2016. It was then I dove headfirst into all the RVA photo hotspots.

Not only did I dive into Richmond’s photo hotspots, but I became pretty ingrained with everything RVA! Which in turn, helped my photos and now gives me a perfect segue-way into my next section.

Inspiration, Culture and The Richmond Experience

As mentioned previously I’ve been living in Scott’s Addition for a few years. And those years I’ve been able to watch the neighborhood’s huge amount of growth. I’ve lost track of the breweries, restaurants and apartments that keep popping up.

(Video) Richmond,VA (BEST) FREE Places with Stunning Scenic Views!

It’s also made me kinda lazy in terms of checking out new restaurants. I still love checking out new things, but it’s hard to beat having Peter Chang’s, Fat Dragon, En Su Boca and ZZQ within walking distance. Same for all the breweries & spots for alcohol. I won’t even try to go through them all, I’ll leave that to the pros at Discover Richmond Tours. (This isn’t a paid ad, they just really know their stuff)

Interested in a guided tour of Richmond VA

Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (10)

Discover Richmond Tours used to just focus on food tours in specific neighborhoods. Taking people on a guided walk to various restaurant/food options within that neighborhood. Then they added brewery tours and then when COVID hit, they added a few more options. Such as scavenger hunts and gift boxes made with items from other local Richmond businesses.

Check out their website for availability and more details.

Always be in the know

As mentioned earlier, The Richmond Experience is the page to follow on Instagram. They’re one of the best sources for events, restaurants, breweries, local businesses and just about everything else RVA has to offer.

They also have a weekly newsletter for members that give more details so you’re always in the know. At the time of writing this post, the membership is $39 a year. Not bad considering all the insider details and specials they provide.

And if you’re a local Richmond business, you can even partner up with them for promotional services to help support your business. I’ve used it in the past for canvas print giveaway, saw a ton of new followers and interest for my brand.

Keep Virginia Cozy

Help keep this state beautiful by participating in a Keep Virginia Cozy liter pick-up or by making a donation. Sign up for their email list and follow them on Instagram to find out when the next one will be.

Fun Things To Do In Richmond VA For Couples

This could probably be it’s own page but I’ll keep it here on this guide as a one stop shop for now. And I mention it at the end of the article because you can do just about everything I mentioned above as a couple and double the fun! But here’s a few specific fun things to do in Richmond VA for couples. (I’ll try not to list a bunch of picnic’y things, but that’s something we do quite often, so no guarantees)

Hang Out On VMFA’s Lawn For Sunset And/Or A Drink

Hanging out on VMFA’s back lawn or their big hill is the perfect end to a nice summer walk. Makes for a perfect napping spot as well. They have plenty of seating and space to chill.

Things To Do In Richmond VA - From A Photographer's Perspective (11)

Maybe except on Friday nights during warmer weather where they host After 5 Fridays. A free event with beverages, live music and special galleries/attractions.

I’ve heard it’s a ton of fun, but just a little heads-up, it can get kind of packed. I myself have never been, and my experience with the busy’ness was all pre-covid so something to keep in mind. If you’ve got a free Friday night, it’ll definitely be worth a visit.

I also kinda forgot to mention that actually visiting the VMFA itself is a great thing to do for couples. Especially one of their special exhibits. We got to visit the Man Ray photography exhibition near the end of 2021, that was pretty neat.

Have A Picnic At Hollywood Cemetery

I myself had never thought about even considering this, as it might seem a little odd, but my girlfriend introduced this to me and we’ve done it a few times. But having a picnic at Hollywood Cemetery is a unique experience where you can eat lunch while checking out some of the speculator views of the James River down below.

It used to be a more common thing to do in the US. And Hollywood Cemetery even used to host a Friends Of Hollywood Cemetery Annual Picnic which requested you “join us for an annual tradition that dates back to the 1800s!”

(Video) TallTravelEats Behind the Scenes Photo Shoot #richmondva #style #photography #photo #photooftheday

Just be sure to clean up after yourselves and don’t leave behind any trash

Take A Ride With RVATukTuk

Tuk Tuk’s are a “three-wheeled, 100% electric, open air-limo” as described by their website. You can book various different tours including; distilleries, breweries, city lights or even just a general city tour to name a few.

They can even be booked for weddings related rides such as wedding pickups, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more.

Check out their full listings and more information here.

And special shout-out to these other local photographers

If you liked checking out Richmond VA from my perspective. Check out some of these other Richmond photographers. They each have their unique take on the city and maybe even a few new spots you can seek out. Click on their hyperlinked names below!

Kevin Kelly – Landscape Photography

Creative Dog Media – Drone Photography

Kai Eason – Street Photography, Film & People of RVA

Adam Lewis – Film & Black/White

Wrapping Up

So now, if anyone ever asks, is Richmond VA beautiful? You can most definitely answer Yes it is!

That concludes this article for now, but I also know I don’t have anything close to all the fun things to do here in RVA. So I’ll definitely keep adding to it.

Cheers to Richmond VA, gotta love it!

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How much is a wedding photographer in Richmond VA? ›

On average a one-hour wedding shoot will cost $549 and a four-hour shoot will cost $1,537. Richmond's wedding photographer prices are 27% below the US national average.

What is Richmond Virginia best known for? ›

Virginia State Capitol

In 1861, following Virginia's secession from the Union, Richmond became the capital of the Confederacy. The city's capitol building subsequently became the home of both the state's General Assembly as well as the Confederate Congress.

Is there a lot to do in Richmond VA? ›

The city is jam packed with attractions including, some of the leading art museums in the country, science and technology museums and public parks and gardens. The colorful shopping district of Carytown and the open-air mall of Short Pump Town Center offer some great choices for retail therapy in the city.

Where can I take senior pictures in Richmond VA? ›

  • Maymont Park. Maymont is one of the most scenic places in Richmond, making it the perfect location to take photos. ...
  • Brown's Island. This location is a popular spot for senior photos and prom pictures. ...
  • Richmond Mural Walls. ...
  • Capitol Building.
22 Jul 2022

How much should a photographer charge for 1 hour? ›

“How much should photographers charge?” Questions about photography pricing can be both reasonable and complicated to answer. A good answer might be $100-300 per hour or $75-350 per image for professional photographers in the United States.

Is 1 photographer enough for a wedding? ›

In most cases, you'll want a second shooter for a number of practical reasons. For one, there's the challenge of how to photograph your ceremony. There's something so special about being able to capture multiple emotional moments throughout.

What salary do you need to live in Richmond VA? ›

Typical Expenses
0 Children3 Children
Required annual income after taxes$31,622$70,459
Annual taxes$7,758$17,286
Required annual income before taxes$39,380$87,744
7 more rows

What percent of Richmond is white? ›

The 5 largest ethnic groups in Richmond, VA are Black or African American (Non-Hispanic) (47.5%), White (Non-Hispanic) (40.4%), White (Hispanic) (4.99%), Two+ (Non-Hispanic) (2.92%), and Asian (Non-Hispanic) (2.13%).

What food is Richmond known for? ›

8 Foods to Try in Richmond, Virginia
  • 01 of 08. Pimento Cheese. dbvirago / Getty Images. ...
  • 02 of 08. Oysters. Denise Panyik-Dale / Getty Images. ...
  • 03 of 08. Beer. ...
  • 04 of 08. Crab. ...
  • 05 of 08. Pizza. ...
  • 06 of 08. Wine. ...
  • 07 of 08. Northern Neck Ginger Ale. ...
  • 08 of 08. Apples.
17 Nov 2020

Is Richmond Va cheap? ›

The Richmond, VA cost of living index is 94.9.

That means it's 5.1% more affordable than the U.S. average. Groceries and transportation expenses are about 10% below the U.S. average, but the Richmond housing index is only 84.2. By comparison, the cost of living in Virginia is about 4% higher than the national average.

What is the safest part of Richmond? ›

The safest neighborhoods in Richmond are Bellevue, The Museum District, The Fan, Westover Hills, Byrd Park, and Three Chopt.

What would be a fun idea for senior pictures? ›

Find a bright wall or local mural for a striking senior photo. A field of wildflowers can easily become the perfect shoot location. A pose doesn't have to feel forced when taken at the right angle. If you live near the water, take a photo on a dock for a fun and relaxed photo.

What is the best month to take senior pictures? ›

When Should you Take Senior Photos? Usually, senior photography is scheduled for the spring or summer before the fall of your senior year. From March to May, the temperatures are usually comfortable, and it's ideal to get senior photos done early so it's one less thing to worry about when you're a senior.

What time of day is best for senior photos? ›

The Best Time of Day is in the Evening

In the evening, the lighting is soft and flattering. And in most situations, the lighting is very vibrant and colorful. Often times, depending on the location of the session, you can get the bright colors of the sun setting coming through trees because the sun is low in the sky.

How many photos should I give my client? ›

For portrait sessions, I find that clients expect more images the more they pay for the session. Therefore, if it's an expensive session they'll likely expect 70-100 images whereas if it's a shorter session they might expect 20-40.

Why are photographers so expensive? ›

A professional photographer not only has to consider the initial investment in purchasing gear, but the cost of taking care of and servicing their equipment over time. This includes, paying to have your gear cleaned, fixing parts that may become broken or even purchasing replacements due to heavy use.

Is 8 hours of photography enough? ›

An 8-hour package is usually enough time for an average-size wedding (about 100-150 people), and the extra 2 hours of coverage will usually allow the photographer to capture the tail end of you getting ready, some detail shots of the reception space, and the start of the dance party.

Is $50 good tip for a wedding photographer? ›

A very general guideline amount for tipping wedding photographers in the United States was given by The Knot. Their guide was to tip $50 – $200.

What is the average tip for a photographer at a wedding? ›

If you're happy with the photographer's work, etiquette experts say a 15-20% gratuity is generally appropriate. Regardless of the amount you decide to tip, it is always appreciated and above your responsibilities as a wedding client to tip your wedding photographer.

What should you not do as a wedding photographer? ›

In this guide, we will share the 7 things a wedding photographer should avoid.
  • Showing Nervousness. ...
  • Sharing Technical Problems. ...
  • Use of Photography Jargon. ...
  • Shooting Alone. ...
  • Improper Dressing. ...
  • Not Following the Schedule. ...
  • Shooting Without a Photography Contract.
19 Feb 2018

Where do people hang out in Richmond VA? ›

  • The Tobacco Company Club. Bars & Clubs. ...
  • Ardent Craft Ales. Bars & Clubs • Breweries. ...
  • Funny Bone Comedy Club & Restaurant. Comedy Clubs. ...
  • Kindred Spirit Brewing. Bars & Clubs. ...
  • The Beach House Bar and Grille. Bars & Clubs. ...
  • The Broadberry. Bars & Clubs. ...
  • Rare Olde Times Public House. Bars & Clubs. ...
  • Commercial Taphouse & Grill. Bars & Clubs.

Where do the wealthy live in Richmond VA? ›

Chesterfield County has the highest income of all the counties as well as City of Richmond. Within the City, the wealthy neighborhoods are mostly concentrated in what is known as “the Near West End”, Windsor Farms, Rothesay Circle, The Fan, Monument Avenue, River Road corridor, South of Cary St etc.

How do I spend a weekend in Richmond VA? ›

Here are our top picks for places to visit if you want to spend a weekend in Richmond.
  1. Millie's Diner.
  2. Virginia Holocaust Museum.
  3. Edgar Allan Poe Museum.
  4. Take a Stroll Along the Canal Walk.
  5. Old Original Bookbinder's Seafood and Steakhouse.
  6. Libby Hill.
  7. Bev's Homemade Ice Cream and Café
7 Nov 2022

What is considered wealthy in Virginia? ›

In Virginia, you'll need to earn $584,000 or more to be considered 'rich'. Technically, Washington, D.C., which isn't a state, has the highest AGI to be considered one of the highest earners at $918,000. Don't land among the top 1% of earners in your state? You may still be considered 'rich' in your community.

Is Richmond VA expensive? ›

The cost of living in Richmond, VA is 6% lower than the state average and 4% lower than the national average. Richmond, VA housing is 10% cheaper than the U.S average, while utilities are about 3% pricier.

What is the lowest wage in Virginia? ›

Are there plans to change the minimum wage?
DateMinimum Wage
Jan. 1, 2022$11.00
Jan. 1, 2023$12.00
Jan. 1, 2025$13.50
Jan. 1, 2026$15.00
11 May 2022

Why is Richmond called spiders? ›

It is most likely the team took the nickname from the Cleveland Spiders who, at the time, were highly successful. To this day, Richmond is the only university in the United States with the spider as its official nickname.

Is Richmond a friendly city? ›

One of the most hipster-friendly cities in America! Richmond's free-thinking, nonconformist nature is most prominently displayed in Carytown, a nine-block collection of quirky local shops and restaurants.

Is Richmond an up and coming city? ›

Forbes Names Richmond One of '10 Up And Coming Cities for Entrepreneurs' It's no secret to Richmonders that we're a great city for start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Why do people love Richmond? ›


Richmond is more than a city – it's a way of life. RVA is packed full of culture, American heritage, and more! A Part Of History – Many historical sites, monuments, and events started here. Iconic Scenery – Home to breathtaking views and amazing places.

What is there to do in Richmond at night? ›

  • The Library Pot. 142. Bars & Clubs • Game & Entertainment Centres. ...
  • So Bar Richmond. 235. Bars & Clubs. ...
  • The Mitre. Bars & Clubs. Open now. ...
  • Be At One Twickenham. Bars & Clubs. Open now. ...
  • The Masons Arms. Bars & Clubs. Open now. ...
  • Incognito Richmond. Bars & Clubs • Wine Bars. Open now. ...
  • Bloomsbury Pub. Bars & Clubs. ...
  • The Turks Head. Bars & Clubs.

Is Richmond VA a foodie town? ›

Because in recent years, Richmond has been thriving as a culinary destination – thanks to a cool crop of locally-based chefs, sommeliers, and restaurateurs, all of whom are elevating the local dining scene to buzzy new heights.

Why are people moving to Richmond Virginia? ›

Richmond Cost of Living

Richmond is an affordable city. Recent population growth in Richmond has been driven by its affordability. The cost of living in Richmond is about the same as the U.S average and 6% lower than the state of Virginia's average.

Is Richmond VA a walkable city? ›

Richmond is an incredibly walkable and bicycle-friendly city, where the need for a car isn't always necessary. The city has a network of sidewalks that make it easy to walk or bike from one neighborhood to another, and Richmond has a bus-based public transportation system.

What is the cheapest city to live in Virginia? ›

The 25 cheapest places to live in Virginia
RankCity1-BR Average Rent
21 more rows
10 Jun 2021

Where is the most crime in Richmond VA? ›

Safest Neighborhoods in Richmond, VA

Most violent crime happens in the East End but there are some high-crime areas in the North Side and Southside.

How much do wedding photographers cost in Virginia? ›

Brand new wedding photographers may still charge in the $1,000 to $2,500 range as they build a portfolio. The average cost of a wedding photographer in Northern Virginia is around $3,200 to $5,200. Luxury and fine art wedding photographers may charge upwards of $10,000 to $14,000.

What is a reasonable amount to spend on a wedding photographer? ›

A price of a wedding photographer in the United States lies in a range of $1200 to $3000. The average wedding photographer cost is around $2000.

What is a normal budget for a wedding photographer? ›

Based on The Knot Real Weddings Study, an internal study of over 15,000 couples who got married in 2021, the average cost of a wedding photographer is $2,500. Almost 90 percent of couples hired a photographer, making them one of the most popular wedding vendors.

Is a photographer worth it for wedding? ›

To ensure you have the best possible photos of your special day, it is highly recommended that you invest in the services of a professional photographer. Make a list of the shots you want to make sure you get them all.

Is 7 hours enough for a wedding photographer? ›

Unless you are eloping or having an intimate dinner instead of a wedding reception, we recommend at least six hours of wedding day photography coverage.

Who traditionally pays for the wedding photographer? ›

If you're going the very traditional route, the answer to the question “who pays for the wedding?” is “the bride's family.” But you'll see that even in traditional roles, the bride's family doesn't actually pay for everything—but they're definitely a big part of the equation.

Is $4000 a lot for a wedding photographer? ›

Professional or full-time: $4000 – $6000

They have a decent following and have people constantly reaching out to inquire. Photographers at this level have made this a career and understand how to provide not only quality work but also care deeply about the client experience.

Is 8 hours of photography enough for wedding? ›

8 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

An 8-hour package is usually enough time for an average-size wedding (about 100-150 people), and the extra 2 hours of coverage will usually allow the photographer to capture the tail end of you getting ready, some detail shots of the reception space, and the start of the dance party.

Do photographers get paid before or after? ›

Most photographers invoice for photography by requiring a portion of the total to be paid up front and then a remaining balance before the session takes place or on the date of the session. Retainers and deposits are fees collected up front – but do you know the difference between the two of these?

What to do when you cant afford a wedding photographer? ›

Many photographers offer lower rates for only a few hours. You could get the ceremony, pictures of you two, and some family/friend photos. Even if they don't list it on their website, see if you can get in contact with them, let them know your situation, and see what they can do.

How many photographers are needed for a wedding? ›

From up front, a single photographer can capture candid shots of guests filing in. If there are more than three members of each side of the wedding party, it's best to have two photographers. This way, the bride and her attendants can receive undivided focus from the photographer.

Why do photographers charge so much? ›

Under US copyright law, photographers own every image that they take. They have the choice to sign over full rights to the client, or to license them for specific uses. The more uses that the images have, and the more eyes that will see them, the higher the cost of licensing because they have more value.

Is 4 hours of wedding photography enough? ›

Four Hours

Generally speaking, high-end wedding photographers offer this in their starter packages. They know that images are what's most important for some couples and four hours is just enough time to photograph the end of the getting ready portion, ceremony, and formals.

Why do wedding photographers cost so much? ›

Editing is one of the reasons why wedding photography costs so much. Your photographer could take dozens of photos seconds apart to avoid missing a particular moment or they might be much more selective with each shot they take. So a wedding photographer can choose anywhere between 50-300 photos per hour.

Is wedding photography stressful? ›

Wedding photography is notorious for being a demanding, high-stakes genre, and as such, it is natural that with that comes a fair amount of stress. Nonetheless, that does not mean you can't do certain things to reduce that stress.


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