Family Welcome Centers (2022)

Family Welcome Centers (1)

Family Welcome Centers serve NYC families all year round with enrollment and admissions. We are currently prioritizing support for families whose children need a school now and need to register. We are also reviewing all transfer requests noted on ourTransfers page.

Need a School, Program, or Child Care Now?

Learn what to do on ourNew Students page.


  • Our staff members are available to providesupport by email, by phone, or in person fromMonday through Thursday, 8am – 5pm, and on Friday, 8am – 3pm.
  • We will be closed onMonday, September 5, in observation ofLabor Day.
  • From September 6 –16, two of our temporary locations––P.S. 152 (Brooklyn) and P.S. 19 (Queens)––will be open Monday to Thursday, 9am – 5pm and Friday, 9am – 3pm.


To better accommodate more families in advance of the new school year, we have temporarily relocated from our Family Welcome Center locations to back-to-school sites:

  • From Monday, August 1 – Friday, September 16:Please visit one of our back-to-school temporary sites (see below).
  • On Monday, September 19, we will return to serving families from our usual locations.

Registration Information

If you would like your child to attend their zoned elementary school or middle school, contact that school directly to enoll beginning August 29.

To find your zoned elementary or middle school:

  1. Visit and enter your address in the School Name or Addresssearch bar .
  2. In the Grade dropdown, choose your child's grade level.
  3. In the Borough dropdown, select the borough where you live.
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Look for zoned schools under "Current Zoned Schools."

If your child does not have a zoned elementary or middle school or will be attending high school and needs to be registered, please visit one of our Back to School Locations (below), which are open Monday, August 1 - Friday, September 16.

OPEN NOW - Back-to-School Locations

To better accommodate families during our busiest time of year, we've relocated to temporary sites from August 1 through September 16.

Borough - Districts ServedTemporary Site Location
Bronx - Serving Districts 7, 9, 10

Grace Dodge Campus, 2474 Crotona Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458

(Video) Welcome Center Helps New Families

Bronx - Serving Districts 8, 11, 12

Stevenson Campus, 1980 Lafayette Avenue, Bronx, NY 10473

Brooklyn - Serving Districts 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 23, 32

Boys & Girls High School, 1700 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11213

Brooklyn - Serving Districts 17, 18, 20, 21, 22***P.S. 152 School of Science & Technology, 725 East 23rd Street, Auditorium, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11210
Manhattan - Serving Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

High School of Fashion Industries, 225 West 24th Street, Auditorium, 1st Floor, New York, NY 10011

Queens - Serving Districts 27, 28, 29

Please note that this site is also a usual Family Welcome Center location and will remain open.

90-27 Sutphin Boulevard, 1st Floor, Jamaica, NY 11435
Queens - Serving Districts 24, 25, 26, 30

***P.S. 19 Marino P. Jeantet School, 98-02 Roosevelt Avenue, Corona, NY 11368

Staten Island - Serving District 31

Please note that this site is also a usual Family Welcome Center location and will remain open.

Petrides Family Welcome Center, 715 Ocean Terrace, Building A, Staten Island, NY 10301

***PLEASE NOTE:From Tuesday, September 6, through Friday, September 16, two locations––P.S. 152 School of Science & Technology (Brooklyn) and P.S. 19 Marino P. Jeantet School location (Queens) will be open during these hours

  • Monday to Thursday, 9am - 5pm
  • Friday, 9am - 3pm.

REOPENING SEPTEMBER 19 - Family Welcome Center Locations

These sites are currently closed. Please visit one of our back-to-school temporary sites (see above). Beginning Monday, September 19, these sites will reopen:


Districts ServedFamily Welcome Center Location
Serving Districts 7, 9, 10

Fordham Family Welcome Center,1 Fordham Plaza, 7th Floor, Bronx, NY 10458

  • Phone:718-329-8050
  • Director:Antoinette Mitchell

Serving District 7

District 7 Resource Center,501 Courtlandt Avenue, Room 106, Bronx, NY 10451

  • Supervisor:Nyeema Byrnes James
Serving Districts 8, 11, 12

Zerega Family Welcome Center,1230 Zerega Avenue, Room 24, Bronx, NY 10462

  • Phone:718-828-7546
  • Director:Stefania Zivan Skintej


Districts ServedFamily Welcome Center Location
Serving Districts 13, 14, 15, 16

**Park Place Family Welcome Center, 355 Park Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238

  • Phone:718-623-5069
  • Director:Desiree Sandoval
Serving Districts 19, 23, 32

St. Marks Family Welcome Center, 1665 St. Marks Place, Room 116, Brooklyn, NY 11233

  • Phone:718-240-3598
  • Director:Khalish Gabriel
Serving Districts 17, 18, 22

Ocean Family Welcome Center, 1780 Ocean Avenue, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11230

  • Phone:718-758-7744
  • Director:Elisha Carlos
Serving Districts 20, 21

89th Street Family Welcome Center, 415 89th Street, 5th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11209

  • Phone:718-759-3900
  • Director:Stamatis Chasabenis

**PLEASE NOTE:Our Park Place Family Welcome Center isnot yet fully accessible.

  • For students and guardians who have physical accessibility needs, there are two options. You can either

Request remote support or

(Video) 54 Shore Acres Rd, Staten Island, NY 10305

    • Schedule an in-person appointment at the following alternate location:P.S. 009K, 80 Underhill Avenue, Room 134, Brooklyn, NY 11238.
  • To make a remote or in-person appointment at the alternate location, call 718-623-5069 or
  • Additionally, please note that the accessible entrance to P.S. 009K is not the same as the main entrance; the accessible entrance is located on Bergen Street.


Districts ServedFamily Welcome Center Location
Serving Districts 1, 2, 4

333 7th Avenue Family Welcome Center, 333 Seventh Avenue, 12th Floor, Room 1211, New York, NY 10001

  • Phone:917-339-1763
  • Director:Vanessa Rivera
Serving District 1

District 1 Family Resource Center, 166 Essex Street, New York, NY 10002

  • Contact:See 333 Seventh Avenue
Serving Districts 3, 5, 6

125th Street Family Welcome Center, 388 West 125th Street, 7th Floor, Room 713, New York, NY 10027

  • Phone:212-342-8301
  • Director:Sarah Maiolo
Serving District 6

George Washington Educational Campus - Satellite Site, 549 Audubon Avenue, New York, NY 10040

  • Supervisor:Nyeema Byrnes James


Districts ServedFamily Welcome Center Location
Serving Districts 27, 28, 29

Sutphin Family Welcome Center, 90-27 Sutphin Boulevard, 1st Floor, Jamaica, NY 11435

  • Phone: 718-557-2786
  • Director: Stewart Jamieson
Serving Districts 25, 26

Linden Family Welcome Center, 30-48 Linden Place, 2nd Floor, Flushing, NY 11354

  • Phone: 718-281-3452
  • Director: Kimberly Castrill
Serving Districts 24, 30

Queens Plaza North Family Welcome Center, 28-11 Queens Plaza North, 3rd Floor, Flushing, NY 11354

  • Phone: 718-391-6270
  • Director: Katia Gil
Districts ServedFamily Welcome Center Location
Serving District 31 Petrides Family Welcome Center 715 Ocean Terrace, Building A, Staten Island, NY 10301
  • Email:
  • Phone: 718-420-5654
  • Director: Paul Helfman
(Video) An atheist tours Focus on the Family's Welcome Center

Why Visit or Contact a Family Welcome Center?

We are here to support with:

  • Questions about admissions
  • Guidance for students new to New York City
  • Enrollment
  • Information about offers and waitlists (after offers are released)
  • Adding your child to waitlists and accepting/declining offers (during times when waitlists are open)

What to Include When You Contact Us

Contact information for all locations, including email addresses, are listed below. If you email us, please include the following:

(Video) 🧳 ep. 7-1|YG's entertainment monsters who relax the industry are here|🧳The Game Caterers2

  • In the body of your message, be sure to include your child's first name, last name, date of birth, and OSIS number.
  • Please complete and attach aStudent Registration Formto your message (visit ourEnrollment Forms pageto download this form in your language).
  • Include a photo or scan of your government-issued photo ID.
  • Include photos or scans of all requireddocuments on the Registration Checklist(scroll down to view or download this form in your language)if your child is new or returning to the NYC Department of Education.
  • Let us know if you need support in another language.
  • Let us know if you (the child's parent/guardian) are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

Please doNOTinclude any photographsof students with your message.

Health Insurance Options

To learn about health insurance options available in New York City, please visit the NYC Department of Social Service's Health Insurance Link. Call 855-809-4073, prompt #3, to enroll.

Registration Checklist

Learn what to bring or provide when you enroll your child in school:


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