Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (2022)

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New Exhibitions in London

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  • Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (1)

    Van Gogh Immersive Experience


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  • Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (3)

    The Painted Hall



    Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (4)
  • Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (5)

    Jurassic World Exhibition


    Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (6)

Lots of new exhibitions are showing in London in November and December 2022. Check out some of our favourite picks including a new Japan exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery, a Jurassic World Exhibition and several immersive experiences taking place across the capital. Many exhibitions are included as part of standard admission tickets.

Japan Exhibition at The Queen’s Gallery

Buckingham Palace

Japan: Courts and Culture opens at the Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace. See some of the finest Japanese works of art in the Western World, on display from the Royal Collection. This includes exquisite porcelain, embroidered screens and gifts that were presented to the Royal Family. The exhibition is open until 31 December 2022.

Exhibition is included in standard entrance ticket

Book Tickets: Japan Exhibition >>>

Klimt: Immersive Exhibition

Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (8)

Get ready for a dazzling new Klimt immersive exhibition that comes to London for the latter half of 2022. Get up close and personal with this 360 degree digital art exhibition that showcases the best of the Austrian genius Gustav Klimt. The exhibition takes place in the Boiler Room on Brick Lane.

Book Tickets: Klimt Exhibition>>>

Van Gogh Immersive Experience

The Van Gogh Immersive Experience is showing in East London this July. Explore the life of this master artist with a 360º digital art exhibition, using state-of-the-art technology to get up close to recreations of his work. Limited tickets are available for this fun exhibition for all the family!

Book Tickets: Van Gogh Immersive

Jurassic World Immersive Exhibition

Ends January 2023

A brand new exhibition opens at the Excel Centre, bringing to life for the first time your favourite Jurassic films in a new and innovative way. Get up close and personal with the dinosaurs, including the greatest one of them all – the T Rex! The experience lasts approximately 1 hour and is a great adventure for all the family.

More info: Jurassic World >>>

Official National Gallery Guided Tour

Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (11)

Enjoy a guided tour of the National Gallery this July with a Blue Badge guide. Located in the heart of London in Trafalgar Square, the gallery contains some of the greatest paintings of all time including works by Cezanne, Titian, Monet, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and more! The tour lasts approximately one hour and is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Entrance tickets are included to the gallery, and you are free to explore on your own before or after the tour has taken place!

Book Tickets: National Gallery Guided Tour

Tate Modern: Private Guided Tour

November and December 2022

Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (12)

Take a private guided tour of the Tate Modern and get up close and personal with some of the great works of modern art. You’ll see works by Picasso and Dali, pop art by Andy Warhol and Mondrian’s iconic geometric patterns. One ticket is for a group of up to 8 people, with guides available in English, Spanish and French.

Book Tickets: Private Tour Tate Modern

Sorting Britain: The Power of Postcodes

The Postal Museum

A new exhibition opens exploring the story behind the postcode, with interactive displays and unseen maps of London. The Postal Museum is a family-friendly museum with lots of activities for kids including an immersive ride on Mail Rail, London’s secret Post Office underground railway!

Exhibition ends in January 2023

Exhibition included in a standard ticket

Book Tickets: The Postal Museum >>>

The Painted Hall, Greenwich

Known as Britain’s ‘Sistine Chapel’, The Painted Hall is located in the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. One of the most spectacular Baroque interiors in Europe that took nineteen years from the start of the commission to its completion in 1726. It makes for a wonderful trip as part of a visit to Greenwich.

Book Tickets: The Painted Hall

Lives of a Landmark

Tower Bridge

Anew exhibition inside Tower Bridge’s Engine Roomscelebratingthe lives of Tower Bridge. The exhibition pieces together the story of the people working behind the scenes at the historical bridge, and the visitors who walk its floors.You’ll journey uptheiconictowers andthrough theWest Walkwaywhile discovering more aboutworkers ofthe past;before heading to theEngineRooms where the new exhibition will be on display.

Exhibition is included in the standard price of admission

Book Tickets: Tower Bridge

Past Exhibitions:

Frida & Diego Immersive Experience

September 2022

Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (16)

Explore Frida and Diego, two Mexican geniuses in this one-of-a-kind immersive experience. These revolutionary artists will be brought to life in a 360 degree digital show, with state-of-the-art technology and sound. There will be a unique VR experience with over 300 projections on display. This exhibition is extremely popular, so make sure to book tickets in advance!

Miniature Art Exhibition

Exhibitions in London November & December 2022 - Tourist England (17)

A new exhibition comes to London exploring the world of mini-art. This is one of the largest exhibitions of its kind with 33 artists displaying 143 artworks and 80 photographs that are reduced by up to 22 times their actual size! Held in a space of more than 1100 m2, with a pop-up shop on site. Takes place at 81 Old Brompton Road, South Kensington. Exhibition ends on 4 September 2022.

Life Through a Royal Lens at Kensington Palace

Life Through a Royal Lens, a new exhibition at Kensington Palace showcasing some of the most iconic images ever taken of the Royal Family. This will include breathtaking pictures of Her Majesty the Queen and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, as well as a selection of images taken by Royal Family members themselves. Exhibition ends on 30 October 2022.

Magical Mischief at the Warner Bros Studio Tour

Ending 1 May

See a brand new exhibition at the Warner Bros Studio. Magical Mischief opens on 22 January, showcasing all the trickery that went into the making of the Harry Potter movies! Perfect for muggle fans and include within an entry ticket to the Studio Tour.

Exhibitions included in a standard ticket

Book Tickets: Warner Bros Studio Tour

Banksy Exhibition

A Banksy Exhibition is on in London this May, celebrating the work of the world-famous street artist. 80+ works will be on display in Covent Garden, on loan from private collectors.


Ending 24 April, Churchill War Rooms

Explore WWII’s impact on London life with a unique art exhibition at the Churchill War Rooms, housed in the secret command centre where Winston Churchill and his inner circle directed the Allied effort.Learn about the experiences of ordinary people forced into new patterns of living by Nazi air raids. Highlights include newly acquired drawings from Henry Moore, as well as works from other British artists including William Matvyn Wright;Eric Ravilious;Ernest Boye Uden;Mabel Hutchinson;Evelyn Gibbs;Evelyn Dunbar;andLeila Faithfull.

Exhibition is included in standard admission ticket

Book Tickets: Churchill War Rooms

Titanic The Exhibition

Ending 17 April

Titanic: The Exhibition is showing in London this winter 2022. This interactive exhibition tells the heartbreaking story of the largest ship in the world of its kind at that time. There will be over 300 artefacts and recreations of the ship’s interior, including the famous Grand Staircase. There will also be personal belongings and relics from passengers on display. A typical visit lasts 80-90 minutes.

Book Tickets: Titanic Exhibition

Harry Potter Photographic Exhibition

Ends 31 March

A brand new Harry Potter exhibition is coming to Covent Garden! Open now, you’ll get to explore behind-the-scenes images from over 10 years of Harry Potter films, as well as ride a broomstick, see images of the Battle of Hogwarts from the final film, pose for photos and enter into the only bottled Butterbeer bar in London. All in all, the experience is expected to last around 1 hour.

Book Tickets: Harry Potter Exhibition

Masterpieces from Buckingham Palace

Ending 13 Feb 2022. The Queen’s Gallery, Buckingham Palace

The exhibition brings together some of the most important paintings in the Royal Collection, on show at the Queen’s Gallery at Buckingham Palace. Artists represented in the exhibition include Titian, Guercino, Guido Reni, Vermeer, Rembrandt, van Dyck, Rubens, Jan Steen, Claude and Canaletto.

Exhibition is included in a standard admission ticket

Book Tickets: The Queen’s Gallery

The Princess Pantomimes at Windsor Castle

Until 31 January 2022

There is a special exhibition at Windsor Castle exploring the pantomime customers worn by Queen Elizabeth (then Princess Elizabeth) and her sister during the war years. These will be on display in the Waterloo Chamber until 31 January 2022.

Displays included in a standard admission ticket

More Info & Tickets: Windsor Castle

Royal Style In The Making at Kensington Palace

Until 2 January 2022

A new temporary exhibition is on show at Kensington Palace called Royal Style in the Making. Explore the intimate relationship between fashion designer and royal client. Highlights include the wedding dress of Diana, Princess of Wales, on show for the first time at Kensington Palace in 25 years. Also on show is a rare, surviving toile for the 1937 coronation gown of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother; consort of King George VI.

Exhibition is included in a standard admission ticket, until 2 January 2022

Book Tickets: Kensington Palace

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