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Hui. 1. Club, association, society, organization, league, partnership, alliance; to form a society or organization; to meet, intermingle, associate, congregate. 2. To join, unite, combine, mix.

No'eau. 1. Artistic, wise, skillful, dexterous, talented, expert, technical.

Hui No‘eau may be translated as “people coming together for a common purpose--for the development of artistic skill and the wisdom which derives from that expression.”

About Hui No'eau — Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center | Art Classes, Tours, & Events | Maui, Hawai'i (1)

Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center is a nonprofit, non-degree granting, community based visual arts education organization offering open access to quality arts instruction by teaching artists. The Hui provides an array of programs that support lifelong learning in the arts including art workshops and classes for all ages, lectures, exhibitions, art events, historical house tours, and educational outreach programs with schools and community partner organizations. Our programs and services are accessible to all regardless of artistic aptitude.

The art studios at Hui No‘eau are the only public studios on Maui that offer year-round access to fine art equipment and technical supervision for all who choose to participate.

The exhibition program and galleries of Hui No‘eau play an important role in Maui’s art community and feature work from local artists and creative minds from around the world. The unique gallery shop features the work of Hui No‘eau member artists and a wide variety of handcrafted and museum-quality gift items.

Hui No‘eau aims to ensure that access to the arts is a part of everyday life on Maui. We believe that art has the power to improve individuals, our community, and our future!

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About Hui No'eau — Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center | Art Classes, Tours, & Events | Maui, Hawai'i (2)

Hui No‘eau's mission is to unlock creativity through exceptional visual arts education and to enhance this endeavor through the preservation of the historic Kaluanui Estate.

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About Hui No'eau — Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center | Art Classes, Tours, & Events | Maui, Hawai'i (3)

Arts Education

Foundation Classes: High-quality foundation art classes with sequential-based instruction give students the framework for developing skills in painting, drawing, jewelry & metalsmithing, printmaking, photography, digital media, ceramics, glassblowing, and more! The Hui offers over 300 art classes each year to students of all levels and of ages 2.5 through adult!

Open Studios

The Hui’s Open Studio Program provides students and community artists the opportunity to work independently with access to professional artist studios, equipment, and tools. Hui Open Studios offer a shared community space for students to work on class projects and for Hui members to continue to explore their artistry. The Hui offers open studios in ceramics, jewelry, printmaking & photography!


With up to eight community exhibitions each year, emerging and established artists are offered a diverse range of opportunities to show their work in a professional gallery space. With themed, juried, and solo artist exhibitions, the Hui’s exhibitions program advances careers and defines our local arts movement.

Historic Preservation

As the site of an early Maui sugar mill and a historic home built in 1917, the Hui’s Kaluanui Estate reflects some of the unique features of Upcountry Maui from a century or more ago.We invite you to visit us at the Hui and experience Kaluanui through a guided or self-guided tour.

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The Hui’s Visiting Artist Programenriches Maui’s visual arts community by offering hands-on workshops and presentations by locally, nationally, and internationally recognized visual artists who share new techniques and help us to create a global arts community!


The Hui offers “Explore & Discover” field trips for youth and works with community partners to bring arts into schools and the community! Our “Teach the Teachers” program offers professional development workshops to school teachers who share their knowledge with future generations of creative thinkers. Please contact us (808) 572-6560to find out more!


The Hui offers a range of events, including elegant galas, art auctions, fashion shows, salon discussions, exhibition tours with artists and curators, hands-on workshops, preview sales, music, dancing, and more. These events promise a festive occasion to congregate, communicate and celebrate. Annual highlights include Art Affair, Family Day: A Community Celebration of the Arts, the Wailea Food & Wine Celebration, and Hui Holidays. Additionally, we host weddings and other special events through private rentals and community partnerships.

The Gallery Shop at Kaluanui

We invite you to join us and shop Maui & Hui Handmade! Visitors and Maui locals rave about The Gallery Shop at Kaluanui! With beautiful, fun, whimsical, and skillfully crafted handmade items for any occasion, you’ll be sure to find that one-of-a-kind gift or souvenir for family and friends! The Gallery Shop at Kaluanui is filled with handmade items from over 75 local artisans and unique museum quality gifts. All purchases help support the Hui and local artists. Many of the items are made in the Hui’s very own jewelry, ceramics, printmaking, and glassblowing studios! Stop by today, shop for the perfect unique gift, and support our talented local arts community!

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About Hui No'eau — Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center | Art Classes, Tours, & Events | Maui, Hawai'i (12)

Founded in 1934, Hui No‘eau is a gathering place for some of the greatest artistic minds contributing to Maui arts and culture. The Hui is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, non-degree granting, community-based arts education organization offering open access to quality visual arts instruction by teaching artists. Situated on the historic estate of Kaluanui, the Hui campus consists of housing structures, stables, and a garage that have since been transformed into fully functioning working artist studios, fine art galleries and classrooms.

Starting around 1850, East Maui Plantation was located on the property. This sugar plantation was perhaps one of the first in Hawai‘i to use centrifugal force to separate sugar crystals from molasses. Visitors will find remains of this early mill site near the main entrance to the property. Around 1885, Henry Perrine Baldwin, father of Harry Baldwin, purchased the property. In 1917, Harry and Ethel Baldwin built the main home and outbuildings of Kalaunui. Designed by prominent architect C.W. Dickey, the buildings of Kaluanui showcase Mediterranean influence with some unique features for homes in Hawai‘i.

In 1934, Ethel Baldwin, her daughter Frances Baldwin Cameron, and a group of twenty friends gathered together to form a club to celebrate their love of art. They began regular meetings and named the club “Hui No‘eau.” After a brief vacancy when the club met elsewhere and Kaluanui was home to the president of Maunaolu College, Hui No‘eau returned to Kaluanui after Maui Land & Pineapple Company granted use of the space for art programs.

In June 2005, the Hui community purchased the 25-acre property from Maui Land & Pineapple Company for the sum of $3.5 million, a sharp increase from an annual rent of $1 paid up until that point. This purchase assured that the property would be available for future generations of artists and for Maui residents and visitors to enjoy in perpetuity. Raising the funds needed to purchase Kaluanui posed a serious challenge, however, the community’s voice was loud and strong, resulting in the success of the “Save the Hui- Buy Kaluanui” campaign and the high regard for Kaluanui as a public asset.

The sense of place provided by the vast estate and awe-inspiring views of Haleakala, West Maui Mountains and Maui’s North Shore develop inspiration and invigorate artistic energy. Historic structures and expansive gardens serve as an educational centerpiece in our Maui community, offering a fully accessible, vital, open space for residents and visitors to explore, learn, enjoy, and experience the visual arts and Maui history.

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About Hui No'eau — Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center | Art Classes, Tours, & Events | Maui, Hawai'i (14)

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About Hui No'eau — Hui No‘eau Visual Arts Center | Art Classes, Tours, & Events | Maui, Hawai'i (15)


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